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Choosing The Right Realtor

Selling your home is likely to be the biggest monetary transaction you’ll ever participate in. Therefore, choosing the right realtor to sell your home may be the most significant financial decisions of your life. Without the right real estate agent, you may miss sales opportunities, or squander the value of your home.

As you try to choose the right realtor, consider the prospective agents' response time to voice or email. Anyone who takes over 48 hours to return your call should be crossed off your list. You want an agent who respects your time.

An agent who has sold homes in your area is advantageous, as he or she knows what buyers in your area want. And agent who sold in your neighborhood has heard buyer feedback, answered their questions, and seen what advertising was effective in generating interest. Realtors who really know your town and neighborhood can give your home the most accurate and compelling sales pitch.

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