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Closing Strategies for Home Sellers

Know what to expect when your home sale closes. Do you know what your closing agent is responsible for completing on your behalf? The closing agent is responsible for ordering things like the balance due on your property taxes, any lender payoff balances, and the preliminary title report, along with any other miscellaneous paperwork required to complete the sale.

The closing agent also handles all the things on the buyer side that could stand in the way of your home sale going through. Things like working to remove contingencies for financing and inspection, and ensuring the buyer's loan documents are available in time for the final closing meeting.

Do not cancel your homeowner's insurance policy until transfer of ownership has been completed. You do not want your home uninsured, in the event the sale falls through at the last minute.

Keep your home in good order throughout the process, as any little thing the buyer or their inspector finds might lead to revocation of the buyer's offer. Be prepared to fix anything they do discover, or negotiate the repair into the final sale.

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