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The Doors of Selling Perception

American homeowners’ perceptions of their home values correlate with the actual values. Despite the post-bubble decimation of home values, most US homeowners believe the market has already bottomed out. Most are optimistic, believing home values in their local markets will increase or remain the same over the by the end of 2009.

Still, it’s clear a large number of potential sellers are holding back, as a result of today’s home value conditions. With the market still floundering, many are waiting for signs of a real estate market turnaround before they list. Potential sellers may want to hold of until 2011, as the market is expected to remain flat until then.

Homes that people would like to sell aren’t captured in the official number of homes on the market. Many potential sellers are chomping at the bit to list their homes. A steady stream of new inventory may subsequently materialize after the first signs of stabilization.

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